Friday, November 18, 2011


So the last few days I've finally started getting a few things on the go...(helps when you've forced yourself to make a promise to someone! ;) It's harder to get away with disappointing someone other than yourself...
I'm learning how to paint, basically by trial and error. I think the last time I actually used acrylics was when I had to in high school art class. Honestly, I really don't know what I'm doing, and I'm finding it really frustrating! I suppose I'll figure it out eventually ;)
If I could, I'd go back to school right now for some painting courses; in fact, if I could, I'd be a professional student! People do that, don't they?

Anyways, here's a drawing I did up (started reeeally reeeally early this morning, before I went to bed!), which I feel is finally a bit more than a doodle. I'm quite pleased with it, and would like to attempt making a painting of it...more practice first maybe, or just dive right in? Hmmm...

Cheers for now!


  1. Just dive right in! I'll bet you know more than you think you do. More than half the battle is having a good base drawing--and that you certainly do! Go for it! It'll be great!