Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Little Red Bird

Ok. I don't write. I always wished I could, like really write, but it's not something I ever really applied myself to.

Having said that, I'm going to start with a little story which I wrote a couple months ago. It was when things were really taking a turn in my life, and decisions which had been made in my head were being put into process. I happened to be talking to a friend of mine about these things and some of the similarities in our lives, and the whole little story just came to me all at once in it's entirety. I made myself write it down immediately, because when these things usually happen, I put it off, and then when I want to get it down on paper, it's of course gone.

The story is obviously in many ways about me, but it is also about my friend. I love him deeply, and I hope he is able to find the way that is right for him, and which in the end holds the least amount of turmoil. I just want him to be happy. :)

The Little Red Bird

Once upon a time, there was a little red bird. She was as free as the wind and loved to fly about the treetops. Her feathers were bright and happy, and her song was beautiful. She knew that it made people happy to see her and hear her voice, so she would fly down close and serenade them every day.

One day a man came about who loved the bird and her song so greatly, that he began to come every day to watch and listen to her. In a short time, the man was determined to capture the little bird for his own, so that he would never be without her lovely song, and so he could gaze upon her beauty whenever he wished.

He brought with him a beautiful gilded cage, and with sweet kind words and wonderful treats, he managed to coax the little bird into the cage, who could see how happy she made him.

The man was very kind to the little bird, and for years he kept her well taken care of, and she would sing sweetly to him every day, and she made the man very happy.

In time though, the little bird's voice began to falter ever so slightly, and her feathers began to lose their vibrant hue, yet she still continued to try and make the man as happy as she could. But even so, the man was becoming less enamoured with her, and although he was still kind to her, the little bird longed to fly free among the trees again.

Soon enough, the little red bird started to become very ill, and no matter what the man did, and no matter how kind to her he was, he could not make the little bird well again, whose voice no longer twinkled like the stars, and whose feathers no longer shone as bright as the sun. The bird knew that she had to fly free once more, but there was no way she was able to make the man understand that he must take his key and unlock the door to her cage to let her go.

Then one day, the little bird realized that she must try and break free of the beautiful cage which had once been her home, but was now her prison. She flew to the door of her cage, and to her great surprise, it swung open easily in front of her.

At that moment the little red bird knew that it was she who had always held the key to her prison...

...and then her heart took flight...

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