Monday, October 3, 2011


first little sketch in my new Moleskine...(with apologies for the crappy iPhone photo)

Is it possible to begin again; to start over with the things that should have put you on a road that you would have travelled so far on by now, when you find yourself still at the crossroads that begin at your doorstep?

'sometimes the wrong path will bring us to the right place...'

If we're lucky, the right place is the same one where we originally wanted to be...


  1. Of course you can. I started 6 years after having my kids. It's been hard waking up to be myself again. The point is to be yourself and in that, stay alive.

    PUMPKINS! Love them. Good stuff, lady. <3

    - Jackie Valencia

  2. luv your little pumpkin patch!!!!

  3. Great sketch. Nice composition, and I love the ? sign posts.